If there is one thing McDonald’s excels at, it’s certainly convenience.

Fun fact: All McDonald’s in New York have a policy requiring people to be served five minutes after they have ordered – max. This might also be a myth, but I at least like to believe that while Mickey D’s may not be the epitome of quality, it at least focuses on other benefits it can provide the customer.

While the massive chain excels at fast food, it is now setting its sights on design. The McDonald’s bags of the olden days were plain paper bags. Remember? I have a vague recollection of grease seeping through the bottom of these as your and your friend’s fries would get jumbled up on the car ride home.

For those of your that were caused much heartbreak and french fry theft due to this, the fast food giant has created the ultimate solution – The BagTray.

A cardboard tray attached to a a paper bag (that can be removed by pulling a strip of paper) for portability and ease of use, this genius concept was developed by McDonald’s Hungary and ad agency, DDB Budapest.

From what we can gather, the tray has multiple benefits. Not only does it stop grease from seeping onto your table cloth or car seat, but it also functions as a plate/tray to keep all your fries separate (no confusion over whose fries are whose) and drinks in their upright position.

Whether or not The BagTray will be implemented in US McDonald’s locations is still a mystery, according to Business Insider, but we think it will be a perfect fit – especially due to the “Drive Thru” culture in the states. Imagine never having to deal with food spills in your car again?!

Take a look at the video below to see exactly what this concept entails and how it works:

McDonald’s BagTray from DDB Budapest on Vimeo.

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What do you think of the McDonald’s BagTray?

Featured image via Adweek