It’s dire times for Mickey D’s and it looks like its glory days may soon be over – if not already.

I would like to think this is because humble food writers (perhaps quite like myself) have opened the eyes to many in both cosmopolitan and middle American communities that there are a plethora of better burger options than the sad lumps you are served both at the McDonald’s drive-thru and when you chose to “dine-in”.

Look, I have nothing wrong with corporate America – or at least I care not to get too into the business logistics of their operations. However, I will say that beyond their oddly addicting french fries, everything else is an abomination and disgrace to food and burger enthusiasts everywhere. You can head to your local 24 hour diner and get a better burger than that.

Anyways, despite their lack of “McClass”, McDonald’s has tried to be snobby in certain “choice” areas of their establishment. Exhibit A: Breakfast. Their current cut-off time for serving breakfast is 10:30 AM, which has me wondering who they think their customer is?

Let me straighten something out for you, Mickey. People going to your establishment are either hungover, drunk or both. Other possible guests are also those traveling between state lines and have no option but to eat there, parents being forced by their bratty children to take them there, youths on the beaten path or people who know nothing about food. And, let’s be honest, no one in any of these categories is up before 10:30 AM.

Luckily, drastic times calls for drastic measures (and no, we’re not talking about their lobster roll abomination). With their sales and stocks at a 20-year low, it looks like the fast food franchise is rethinking their practice and extending breakfast to become an all day affair.

Of course, this will cost more, but on the converse of that, they might also be able to make more. Who wouldn’t order 7 servings of hash browns? Look, even I would find my nearest McD’s and do this at least once just because I can.

While the goal is to make this happen by October, there are obviously a few financial and franchise hurdles to overcome. Hopefully, if they have some sense, however, they will push for this hard enough. It’s time.

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What do you think about turning McDonald’s breakfast into an all-day affair?