mcdonalds burger

With the prominence of healthy and quality food in the food industry, it comes as no surprise that McDonald’s sales are slowly sinking – along with other fast food chains. How they’re planning on vamping things up? A Build-Your-Own-Burger option, of course!

Let’s be honest, if you live in a big city, it’s more likely than not that you have access to better burger options. In New York alone you have P.J. Clarke’s, Shake Shack, and BareBurger to name only a few, so the scenarios you would need to be in to feel forced to head to Micky D’s is limited to be quite frank.

However, they’re trying to get in your brain and change your mind!

mcdonalds burger

Image via Food Beast

The chain conducted a fairly successful trial in Sydney, Australia by the name of “Create Your Taste” where customers could experiment with an extensive assortment of ingredients (19 in total) and make “masterful” burger concoctions based on their own preferences. This was made possible with high-tech, self-serve touchscreen kiosks which we’re sure added to the allure of the concept. To to top it all off, the burger and fries were served on a wooden tray and featured a metal fryer-inspired basket making it look super old school and almost… dare we say, cool?

Now it’s coming stateside – with kiosks set to be installed in 30 restaurants across five states by 2015.

According to USA Today, a customized burger with a medium drink and fries (no supersize for you) will cost you about US$8,29 which is only slightly higher than their typical $5 value meals. However, it’s certainly cheaper than more “gourmet” establishments with meals often coming in at $20+ a pop.

Head on  over to Food Beast for more step-by-step images of the BYOB (Build-Your-Own-Burger) service.

Would you test this out? If so, what would you put on your burger?