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The other day we talked about some of our fast food guilty pleasures and Chicken McNuggets were certainly on the list. After all, there’s something about them that reminds us of our youth… Oh, the good ol’ days.

Anyways, if you share these fond memories of nuggets dipped in BBQ sauce, then you will be pleased to know that McDonald’s will be offering a 48-piece McNuggets meal starting on December 1st, 2015.

That being said, your dreams of swimming in a Chicken McNugget bucket won’t necessarily come true unless you happen to live or be in or around Niigata, Japan during the promotional period.

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I mean, some fast food enthusiasts might just be crazy enough to do it. Also, due to the fact that this “promotional offer” was done as part of an advertising campaign with Japanese group NGT48 – a performance group comprised of 48 members from Niigata (Cue the oHhhhh!) – there might be more traveling across the world to try this offer than you would expect.

Surprisingly, all 48 nuggets will only set you back 1,800 yen – or $14.70. I’m pretty sure that an eight piece McNugget meal costs more here, so to say that this is a deal is an understatement of the century.

Finally, I can’t think of anyone actually eating this whole bucket themselves and would hope that people remember that “sharing is caring” and that “48 pieces of mystery meat Chicken McNuggets will certainly give you coronary heart disease”. That’s not a saying? Well, it should be.

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Would you get the McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets 48-piece meal?