Looking for the perfect home brunch idea? Look no further than the video above. Learn how to make mini frittatas with ham and cheese: an adorable dish for your brunch menu!

First, sizzle some ham in a skillet until it is nicely browned. Set aside. If you would rather use bacon, use a lean center cut of bacon to help keep each individual frittata serving under 100 calories.

Second, caramelize slices of red onion in a skillet until the onions are tender. Set aside. Fun fact: caramelized onions can help lower blood sugar, unlike regular caramels.

Next, crack your eggs into a large bowl. Whisk together the egg yolks and whites until they are frothy and well scrambled.

Grate up some sharp cheddar cheese and add it to the eggs, reserving some cheese for topping. Whisk together the cheese, ham, onions, salt and pepper, with the eggs. Did you know that in Chinese medicine eggs are thought to enhance digestive and kidney functions?

Scoop the egg mixture into muffin pans. You can also use ramekins or mini-cast iron pans in place of the muffin tins. Top each “muffin” with some cheese.

Bake your mini frittatas in the oven until they are firm. If they have a puffy top that means they are done!

Will you give these mini frittatas a try?