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We’ve still got about two or so weeks until Mother’s Day, but as I’ve learned in my 20-odd years of life, it will always creep up on you stealthily.

Seriously, you will be thinking to yourself that it’s “no worries” because you have “so much time” until Mother’s Day, but before you know it, the holiday has arrived and you have no present or plans to wow your mother with. Instead, you’ll probably head to your local Bath & Body Works to buy a cute-ish gift set that will “do” until you get her a real gift, which never really comes around…

As for plans, you’ll leave it to your dad who will also more likely than not forget/put in the least amount of effort that, in turn, makes you look bad.

Now that we’ve gone through all the possible worst-case scenarios, let’s  help you prevent that by inspiring you with these Mother’s Day recipes that say “Sorry for being a brat when I was growing up, but thank you for putting up with me for this long anyways.”

Literally, no one has put up with you as long as your mother has.

Thank us later.

1. Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries via The Girl Who Ate Everything

mothers day recipes 1

Make an assortment of these for an outdoor BBQ and we promise mom won’t be able to stop at just one.

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