I am sure we all had plans to forget about food after Thanksgiving, but you can’t deny you probably woke up today… still hungry. Thinking about all those leftovers in the fridge is enough to make any normal person’s mouth water. Isn’t Thanksgiving food even better the day after anyways?

Well, we’re sure you will be indulging in the stuff all weekend long until reality sets in and you are forced to head back to reality.

Anyways, while you’re doing that you should seriously wake up to some french toast tomorrow because A) It’s Saturday, and B) It’s also National French Toast Day!

Call me a glutton, but naturally that sounds absolutely delicious to me, and you know what else sounds amazing? Nutella S’mores french toast!

Of course, you could have a classic french toast experience OR (and this is even better) you could take it up several notches and top it with chocolate, nutella, marshmallows, fluff… Why not? There’s not time like the present (when your body literally feels like it’s swimming through sludge).

Anyways, not only that but a lot of you will probably be heading back home from your parents’ house and it will be the last day (or even meal) you guys will have together for a while, so why not make it memorable? Despite the summer camp nostalgia these may give you, we promise people of all ages can enjoy this.

Seriously, though. Who wouldn’t enjoy Nutella s’more french toast? Only a monster, I think. You shouldn’t trust that person, but that’s just my two cents.

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Will you be celebrating National French Toast Day the right way?