If you’re a little stumped on what to make this weekend for all the celebratory fun, why not make a gigantic Oreo Cookie Cake?

I mean, Oreos are great and did you know that absolutely everyone can eat them. Well, maybe not those who are “gluten-free”, but if you’re a vegan, you have no need to worry when eating an Oreo Cookie (not the cake) because it is so highly processed that even the cream filling is 0% animal product. This can mean only one thing. It’s alllll sugar!

Naturally, why wouldn’t you want to eat a cake in Oreo cookie form?

Luckily, YouTube baker Hey! It’s Mosogourmet!! has created a baking tutorial to fulfill your every gluttonous desire, and it’s a good thing because we certainly do not judge..

As a matter of fact, I am getting hungry just watching this and thinking I could probably eat this all up myself.

As for the ingredients, you’ll need:

– 1 Oreo baking pan

– vegetable oil

– cake flour

– baking powder

– cocoa powder

– eggs

– sugar

– salt

– milk

– heaving whipping cream, and

– 18 (exactly) crushed Oreo cookies

Now, there are only three things left to do: Buy the ingredients, watch the video, and try to contain yourself from eating all the dough. It will be hard, but it will be worth it. God speed!

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Would you make this Oreo Cookie Cake?