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Fun fact: Having a diverse background makes for some great food growing up. Really.

I’m actually half Persian, a quarter Italian and a quarter Peruvian. If those are not some of the best cuisines in the world, I don’t know what are. I grew up in a household that never ate out, and why would we? There was everything I could ever desire at home and all home-cooked from the freshest ingredients my parents could find.

Interestingly, Peruvian cuisine has been popping up in the media more and more, which has really inspired me.

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As a matter of fact, I was casually flipping through a recent Vogue issue when I came across a whole spread on just the Peruvian food scene featuring top chef’s like Peru’s very own Gaston Acurio. Naturally, seeing even just a fraction of your heritage featured in such a large-scale magazine can fill just about anyone up with just a bit of pride and bring out your appreciation for food you took all for granted while growing up.

Below are some of the most popular dishes in Peru that are not only delicious, but also probably a whole lot different than anything you’ve tried before!

1. Canchita (via Andrea Meyers)

peruvian recipe 1

When you’re seated at any Peruvian restaurant, the first thing you’ll see being set out on the table is “canchita”. It’s technically just lightly salted and crispy corn kernels that are ever-so addicting. While French or Italian restaurants set out bread and Mexican restaurants set out tortilla chips, Peru sets out canchita.

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