ramnut ramen donut

Image via Culinary Bro-Down

We have officially heard it all. Have you? From Croissant Donuts (AKA Cronuts) to Ramen Burgers, it seems like everything’s been done. Well, not everything… until now. Here we present to you the ‘Ramnut’ – a Ramen Donut.

Josh Scherer, Los Angeles Based blogger behind Culinary Bro-Down, has created a step-by-step guide to making this masterful (or maybe frightening) creation. With a combination so bizarre you would have to assume that Scherer has a great sense of humor, and you’d be right. As an introduction to his masterpiece he states:

“My provisional copyright on the name ‘ramnut’ is officially on sale. Looking for $50 and an Olive Garden gift card. Get at me, Dominique Ansel.”

Naturally, we have a lot of questions. The first one is of course: How does it taste? Good? Bad? Interesting? The blogger answers all this and then some in a rant-ish type post that we enjoyed anyways. The verdict? Essentially, he claims that food is not about tasting good but instead about complexity. Apparently, however, they are “crispy, they’re covered in frosting and stuffed with custard…” Soooo….. what exactly the answer of our taste question is, is a little up in the air but we would imagine that if anything it would taste like something you have never tasted before in an almost pleasing way? After all, ramen noodles are just wheat and without the broth flavoring, they could become anything they wanted – except a real boy (har har).

Josh Scherer suggests trying it out yourself with his recipe that only really requires  6 ingredients and 6 steps. He’s a lot less stingy with his “secret formula” than Dominique Ansel was so we’ll commend him for that at least!

We haven’t seen the ramen donut pop up in any shops yet, but we would imagine that the make-your-own versions would be a lot tastier. After all, you can make them any flavor you want them to be.

Would you try the ramnut?