If there is something Americans are very passionate about, it’s certainly their holiday themed treats!

You probably remember the Starbucks holiday cup debacle from a few weeks back, but that’s certainly not the end of it, because if there is something we love to do besides eat things that are not good for us, it’s to complain about it on social media!

The latest target? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. We recently dissected which Reese’s cup had the most filling (Spoiler: it’s the heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cups) and it looks like there may be another holiday-themed cup in the running… maybe.

Apparently, many are up in arms over this poop-shaped peanut butter cup that’s supposed to be a Christmas tree, while the majority is just enjoying making fun of them in what CNN has aptly labeled “social media ridicule”. Need an example?

Well, we’ve got to say it really does look like a #christmasturd, but some of them are a little more believable, right? RIGHT?!

Ok, maybe not.

The good thing is that they’re still chocolate and peanut butter (which we all know is a combination sent from the heavens) so people are still eating them because they’re probably still freakin’ delicious. I mean, I would still eat them.

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What do you think of these Reese’s Christmas Tree Cups?