Scr-Apple Pie: Porky Goodness Meets the All-American Dessert

In this video, Justin meets the owners of Robicelli’s Bakery in New York and talks to them about their delicious apple pie. This pie uses partly dehydrated granny smith apples and each pie has about ten apples, so the flavors are quite concentrated. The pie also has a non-traditional crunchy crumb top.

The three talk about adding savory elements to balance out the sweet flavors of traditional desserts. Justin talks about his idea for a “scr-apple pie.” They move to the kitchen to make this porky apple pie a reality. Justin takes a pressure cooker and cooks some liver in butter, takes it out, and adds in pork shoulder pieces. He adds some liquid, and lets the pork cook until fork tender.

He then pulverizes the cooked pork in a food processor and adds sage, salt, and black pepper. The leftover pork liquid is used to cook cornmeal in. Justin then mixes the meat with the cornmeal and lets it set in the refrigerator. Then a slice of this meat mixture is placed on top of an apple pie slice, topped with cheddar cheese, and broiled to get a nice crusty top. The verdict? This cheesy, meaty, scr-apple pie is absolutely delicious!

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 Have you ever tried a delectable treat from Robicelli’s Bakery before?