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You might naively think that Chipotle would still be “numero uno” when it comes to America’s favorite burrito chain, but you would be wrong, wrong, wrong. We know, we thought it would be too, but alas the burrit-hoes have spoken and it seems like Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill is the new “Don Juan” when it comes to faux-Mexican food according to a recent Consumer Reports survey.

What is Rubio’s? Who is this Rubio? These are all very valid questions that I think need to be answered to the American peoples. Of course, it’s always Chipotle this and Chipotle that on the interwebs, but when push comes to shove it looks like Rubio’s fish tacos were in part to blame for the empire’s demise.

If you are wondering where you can find a Rubio’s Fresh Mexican Grill, then don’t expect to see it on the East Coast. Apparently, it’s exclusively on the West Coast because west coasters get everything. They have In N Out and now they have Rubio’s. I think it’s high time the East Coast retaliates with some high-grade fast food ASAP, but we won’t hold our breath. At least we have… Dunkin Donuts? Right?! No? Ok, don’ crush our dreams.

Perhaps there is a shot at redemption for Chipotle–which only fell behind one point with a score of 83, while Rubio scored 84 on the survey. Perhaps unsurprising and in the realm of “Duh” and “Did you know that the the world is round?” Taco Bell came in dead last with a whopping score of 73 which is a lot higher than I (and the rest of America) expected.

While I definitely think this is a West Coast plot to show up the East Coast, it could also have something to do with the fact that they have churros. Let me repeat: Rubio’s has churros. If you want to know how great churros are, all you need to know is that Kim Kardashian gets excited at the thought of churros. If she is willing to let a smile slip for something/one then you know she thinks highly enough of it to be worth a potential wrinkle.

Besides the churros, apparently their fish tacos are also killer – something else that Chipotle does not have. Oh well, when it comes to sheer size of the chain (and we all know that size is what really matters…) Chipotle wins by a long shot with approximately 1,700 locations across the US and Rubio’s at a measly 190 locations. Child’s play. SO elementary.

Ok, anyways. Here are some pictures of Rubio’s and Chipotle to get you all hungry and bothered.

rubios mexican

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rubios mexican

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Which Mexican fast food chain do you prefer?