OK, so remember way, way back (way, way back in internet time) when that hilarious meme /vine(s) by Ryan McHenry of Ryan Gosling refusing to eat cereal began surfacing just about everywhere?

Face it, however childish it was, it was hilarious. Perhaps anything that Ryan Gosling is in makes us giddy, but you have to admit that the creator of these memes masterfully timed these short clips for maximum belly laughing.

Whether it’s punching, crying or mouth covering – the approaching spoon of cereal is always shooed away. Take a look below at the incredibly popular mashup.

The reason behind such hatred for cereal? Well, that’s beyond us – and now apparently, Ryan Gosling.

To promote his new movie recently, Gosling took to Twitter to host a live Q & A session. Naturally, we have a million questions to ask him like: Would you be interested in dating me? And, how do you feel about meeting the parents?

One of the first questions, however, happened to be: What’s one thing fans don’t know about Ryan Gosling?

His response?


So, now we all know, kids. Ryan Gosling loves cereal. Whether it’s Frosted Flakes or Honey Bunches of Oats, you can all now sleep well at night knowing that the hunk himself has given the popular breakfast items his word of approval.

And before you ask, yes this was certainly newsworthy and it’s only been something gnawing away at us and every cereal box in America’s mind for a very long time.

Which cereal brand do you think Ryan Gosling loves the most?