sabra recall

Image via flickr

Soooo, apparently Sabra just had to recall 30,00 cases of its hummus because inspectors with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development found out that this hummus was no ordinary hummus – and we don’t mean jalapeno flavoring and other distasteful hummus combinations . (Some things are sacred OK?!)

As a matter of fact, the situation was much more egregious due to the learned possible contamination of Listeria in their product at a routine inspection on March 30th at a Kroger in Port Huron – this all according to a MDARD spokeswoman, Jennifer Holton.

I would like to take this moment to thank my refined taste palate (and my Middle Eastern background) for helping me recognize at a very young age that Sabra really just tasted like salty, mashed chickpeas and does not harbor all the palatable complexities a good hummus has.

In any case (haha! punny!), Sabra has made sure to recall their contaminated product which has been limited to five stock unit (SKU) numbers of Classic Hummus (good news for your blasphemous chipotle hummus lovers out there). Apparently, news sources are saying that “no other Sabra products are affected at this time.” Key phrase being: at this time.

You know, I would recommend you save your pennies and spend your hard-earned cash elsewhere. As a a matter of fact, a great idea would be to make your own hummus. There are plenty of recipes out there on the interwebz, but a few good ones are by Ina Garten, CHOW and Minimalist Baker.

If you think making your own  hummus is more trouble than it’s worth, you’re wrong, because it usually only requires chickpeas, garlic, lemon, tahini, olive oil and salt. Don’t you already have those ingredients at home? You don’t? And you call yourself a food enthusiast? PSH!

Do you purchase Sabra Hummus?