salmonella outbreak cucumber recall

Well, perhaps the headline may be the overstatement of the century, but it looks like you can’t even trust the healthiest of produce anymore. You might want to stay away from (at least) cucumbers for a while because it looks like it’s making people all around the country seriously sick… and even causing deaths.

There has been a massive Salmonella Poona outbreak that has reached up to 30 states – with 341 people affected in total.

The Center for Disease Control announced in a report that there have been at least 70 hospitalizations around the country and two deaths – one in both California and Texas.

However, all affected states (showing that no one is truly “safe”) include the following:

  • Alaska (9)
  • Arizona (66)
  • Arkansas (6)
  • California (72)
  • Colorado (14)
  • Hawaii (1)
  • Idaho (8)
  • Illinois (6)
  • Kansas (1)
  • Kentucky (1)
  • Louisiana (4)
  • Minnesota (12)
  • Missouri (8)
  • Montana (10)
  • Nebraska (2)
  • Nevada (7)
  • New Mexico (18)
  • New York (4)
  • North Dakota (1)
  • Ohio (2)
  • Oklahoma (8)
  • Oregon (8)
  • Pennsylvania (2)
  • South Carolina (7)
  • Texas (18)
  • Utah (30)
  • Virginia (1)
  • Washington (10)
  • Wisconsin (2)
  • and Wyoming (3)

The reason for this is that a large group of grocers and establishments have their cucumbers supplied by Mexico and distributed by San-Diego-based Andrew & Williamson fresh produce. Affected locations – mainly top major chain grocers – include Kroger, Walmart, HEB and Safeway. As a matter of fact, Andrew & Williamson are even the cucumber suppliers of chain restaurants such as Red Lobster and In-N-Out!

If you’re concerned – as you rightfully should be – it would be smart to take a look at the Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce Product Locations to ensure that you will not be eating any of the recalled cucumbers at these popular spots.

In addition, there is also a picture of the affected product boxes here. If they seem familiar, it’s best to steer clear.

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