seamless ghost

We all get lazy and order delivery or takeout sometimes. Hey, no judgement. It’s a part of life – especially city life. In New York where getting food right at your doorstep thanks to websites like and Seamless are so easy, it’s become a ritual or routine for many. Speaking for myself, I know Sunday night dinners are usually ordered out because I can’t bring myself to do anything productive on such a depressing day. Anyways…

While that’s all well and good, this new tidbit of news may help you be a little more selective when choosing which restaurants you order from.

NBC found that more than 10 percent of New York’s 100 top-rated Seamless and GrubHub restaurants were, in fact, “ghosts”. This means that they were a duplicate of another existing restaurant under a different name or that they were actually not restaurants at all. Some of these listings were actually just unlicensed kitchens sending out food. Yep, your spicy pad thai could technically be coming from your neighbor’s house.

While these are certainly egregious and concerning for most – especially when factoring in food safety – Seamless (and company) are not exactly liable, but that doesn’t mean they don’t care! They’re currently working with New York’s Department of Consumer Affairs to make sure all their offerings are legitimate.

Our word of advice? It’s probably best to only order from places you have been to in person. Even if it a real restaurant, I promise your opinions on your food will drastically change if you discover that the wings joint you’ve been ordering from looks like a public restroom, but that’s just our two cents!

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Have you ever had any experiences with Seamless ghost kitchens? Let us know!