shake shack reopening

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For New Yorkers, the original Shake Shack location in Madison Square Park is close to sacred. As a matter of fact, many of us can still remember the minuscule stand it started out as that would bring endless amounts of people that would anxiously wait in line.

Way back in the day, I too would wait in that line. As a matter of fact, my friend from my early college days and I had made it a tradition to go every weekend for a burger and fries (we liked to keep it simple).

Seven months ago, however, Shake Shack made the announcement that they would be undergoing renovations. Why? Perhaps they had gotten too big for their small, 10-year-old stand. While it was a difficult time for us all, Madison Square Park will get its Shack back this Wednesday, May 20th.

Despite the fact that many New Yorkers were still able to visit Danny Meyer’s Downtown Brooklyn and Times Square outposts, who really wants to venture off to those places at their lunch hour?… Look, we’re just being honest! The central, scenic location certainly helps them out, so I’m as happy as a clam that this historic food site will be back up and running.

Naturally, because it’s Summer and Meyers must always be feeling festive, the grand opening will be nothing short of incredible – involving freebies and specials including the ParkBurger (a burger topped with bacon and cheese sauce made from cave-aged Jasper Hill Cheese). What cave-aged means in the world of queso is a mystery, but I can imagine it’s something really cool and awesome.

Other specials? You can also sip on a SHACK PHOENIX beer that was made in partnership with Brooklyn Brewery, give your dog a treat from Bocce’s Bakery, and listen to some awesome DJ sets.

Finally, if you arrive extra early, you can receive a Boundless Brooklyn commemorative model of the Madison Square Park Shack that are made from 100% recycled chipboard. However, these will also be available for purchase on-site for $20.

The celebrations begin at 11 AM so if you’re planning to celebrate with the best of ’em, make sure to arrive bright and early. We will be there… if we can convince our boss.

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Will you be at the Shake Shack re-opening?