In case you were making Labor Day plans and thought, “Huh! Wouldn’t a peeled watermelon be nice on my holiday?!” we have quite the solution for you.

This is the watermelon trick that people have been shocked and amazed by and if you didn’t know what a skinned watermelon looked like, I wouldn’t blame you for not understanding.

If you’ve got a few moments to spare and two identical watermelons, this easy trick will make you the center of attention at any cookout. I mean, people might be concerned with all the free time you have on your hands, but then again, why is it their business anyways? It’s a labor of love, after all.

Just take a look at the video below and you will surely be surprised. It’s just so perfect and oval-like and… red!

Clearly, kids areĀ especially infatuated with this idea.

However, there is no sayin’ that you can’t use that perfect watermelon to create some adult-friendly beverages as shown in the first video.

Who would say no to some refreshing sangria? In the last days of summer, it’s practically required and mandatory that you take full advantage of outdoor drinking while you can, don’t you think?

In addition, it’s always important to note that there is probably notĀ one person who doesn’t enjoy watermelon. Seriously, have you ever met someone who didn’t like watermelon? Maybe they didn’t like how messy they got, but the taste? It can’t be beat.

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What are your thoughts on this skinned watermelon?