Get ready for something completely different…

In this Foodie Call video above, chef Justin Warner welcomes chef Nick Subic of King Noodle restaurant in Brooklyn to talk about their appreciation of Spam, which is not liked by many people. It contains pork shoulder, ham, potato starch, sugar, and a curing agent called sodium nitrite. The perfect ingredient for… s’mores? That’s right Spam S’mores!

Justin and Nick go into the kitchen to make marshmallows for the s’mores.  To make them, Justin uses cornstarch, sugar, gelatin, corn syrup, and an unusual ingredient: wasabi off

powder. He thinks the wasabi will taste good with the spam, just like having honey mustard on a ham sandwich. When the marshmallow strips are set and not sticky anymore (this takes a couple of hours), they are cut into marshmallow-size pieces.

For a real campfire feel, the guys then go to Justin’s backyard where they grill slices of Spam and the freshly made wasabi marshmallows on an open flame. Then they place the meat and marshmallows between two graham crackers and dig in! Turns out these “sp’mores” do not taste weird at all, and have a great savory taste.

Watch the video above to learn how to make your own s’mores!

Would you try Spam s’mores?