hot chocolate recipe angelina paris

The Most Incredible Hot Chocolate Recipe… EVER

Celebrity chef Ina Garten, from Barefoot Contessa: Back to Basics (Food Network), can always be counted upon to come up with amazing recipes. In...
stuffed potatoes

These ‘Cleveland’ Stuffed Potatoes are The Ultimate Game Day Food

This is going to really surprise all of you Everybody Loves Raymond fans who actually thought his wife Debra couldn’t cook. Frankie may look...
chocolate brownie recipe

Tia Mowry’s Gluten-Free Almond Butter Brownie Recipe

Chocolate lovers, this one is for you... especially if you're in the mood for a chocolate brownie recipe that's a bit on the healthier...
bloody mary chili recipe

Bloody Mary Chili – Watching Sunday Football Will Never Be The...

There must be a God somewhere, I mean Bloody Mary and Chili together can only be created by a higher power, right? What a...
hot toddy recipe alton brown

Put Your Slow-Cooker To Use With Alton Brown’s Hot Toddy Recipe

Of all of the wonderful shows on the Food Network, one of the most educational, entertaining, and perhaps a little bit corny, shows is...
cake and steak recipe

Weird, But Delicious: Cake & Steak With Mayo?

For today's weird, but delicious, recipe, we're bringing you chef Justin Warner's unusually recipe of cake and steak. That's right, in the video above, Warner...
mini frittatas recipe

Mini Ham And Cheese Frittatas: Adorable Dish For Your Brunch Menu

Looking for the perfect home brunch idea? Look no further than the video above. Learn how to make mini frittatas with ham and cheese:...
spam smores

Spam S’mores: You’ve Never Had The Campfire Favorite Like This!

Get ready for something completely different... In this Foodie Call video above, chef Justin Warner welcomes chef Nick Subic of King Noodle restaurant in Brooklyn to...
leftover stuffing recipes

5 Leftover Stuffing Recipes You Need To Know

Christmas might be over, but you still have to eat! In the video above, How to Win Winter brings five thing to do with leftover stuffing...
cranberry recipes

Last-Minute Treats You Should Be Making With Cranberries

How to Win Winter is back with five cranberry recipes to make everything from holiday drinks to decorations and more. From cranberry infused vodka to cranberry...
classic christmas recipes

Throwback Holiday: Roasted Chestnuts, Figgy Pudding & Wassail

Every wonder how to make those classic Christmas recipes you hear about in Christmas carols? How to Win Winter is here with this video showing...
gougere recipe

Gougere Recipe: Make-Ahead French Pastry For Holiday Parties

Marianne Canada and HGTV are here to show how to make a gougere recipe that is easy but impressive enough for any holiday gathering....


holiday cookies recipes

The 20 Holiday Cookies You Need To Make

There are so many to try with so little time!
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The Only Chocolate Chip Cookie Guide You Will Ever Need

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9 Foods (And Drinks) We’re Excited To Eat In December

We have all your food groups covered. Kind of.
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The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Fail Heard Around The World

Instead of trees these have an awful resemblance to....