starbucks smores frappuccino

Image via Time

As the headline reads: As if the new Starbucks Frappuccino Flavor – which happens to be S’MORES by the way and debuts TODAY – could get any better, there is now a little extra somethin’ somethin’ that will make this drink much more delightful (if that is even possible). What may that be, you ask?

While no, the drink is not also calorie-free (although, that would be my greatest wish), this might just be the next best thing The S’mores Frap will come with a cookie straw. Yes, like one of those Pepperidge Farms Pirouettes your mother would buy that were oddly addicting, this wafer-ish cookie is quite similar and probably just as satisfying – maybe more.

If this new S-Bucks flavor is news to you, then let us enlighten you. The drink is essentially a marshmallow-y, chocolate-y, and graham cracker-y blended concoction. Of course, you can’t forget the whip cream in a frap, but this whip is that much more special because it’s marshmallow¬†flavored.

Yes, you did hear (nay, read) correctly.

One thing you should note, however, is how all good things will cost you more. Just like guac is extra at Chipotle, these cookie straws will cost you an extra 95 cents.

So, does that mean you can have any drink you desire with a cookie straw? Yes, definitely and, as a matter of fact, BRB because I am about to go to my nearest Starbucks and try this right now.

Don’t you think this sounds like pure, unadulterated, indulgent bliss?

Will you give the Starbucks S’mores Frappuccino a try?