Well, you know… Because just about everyone  know has some hot lava lying around…

Ok, maybe not, but these folks over at Syracuse University Lava Project decided that using lava to cook food with – including steak, salmon and hotdogs – would be an excellent idea. Look, despite seeming foolish at first (considering that the molten lava ranges from 1292-2282°F) the video these people put together of a seemingly normal BBQ setup with an unexpectedly dangerous twist is enough to convince us otherwise. Look at how fast these items cook in just a matter of minutes!

Take a look at the video below:

082114 Lava Steak from robert wysocki on Vimeo.

I don’t know what your Memorial Day plans might consist of, but I sure hope you are firing up the grill. If you’re at a loss for what to cook up, why not go the classic route and try making one of these decadent burgers. From cheese-y to guacamole, there is seriously a burger for everyone.

Looking to get innovative and go the unexpected route? What about these untraditional recipes? How good (and Amurrican) do bacon wrapped onion rings sound to you? What about grilling a whole pizza? Yes and yes, please and thank you and goodbye.

We hope you are as inspired to hit up the barbecue after seeing these crazy people cooking over lava and after looking through all these delectable roundups. Yum! I’m off to go eat and sleep (and repeat) now! Happy Memorial Day weekend!


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Did the Syracuse University Lava Project inspire you?