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I haven’t been to a Taco Bell in years, but their dessert menu really used to pale in comparison to other fast food options like McDonald’s McFlurries or Burger King’s Oreo Shakes and pies. Apparently, Taco Bell now has apple pie and “Cinnabon Delights”, but this – the soon-to-be-unveiled Cap’n Crunch Delights – is about to take it to a whole new level.

You may be wondering – what are Cap’n Crunch Delights? Well, they can only be described as donut holes/munchkins with a milky sweet filling that have been rolled around in crunchy Cap’n Crunch cereal. YUM.

While it may sound like a heart attack in bite-sized form, I would risk it to try one of these.

Several writers (and lucky sons of….*bleep*) – that write for Thrillist and TODAY Food – have already tried it way ahead of its July 2nd release date and the consensus has been that while it’s certainly no Dominique Ansel cronut, it is delicious in what can only be described as a “synthetic goodness” kind of way.

I was a little disappointed to hear, however, that the Cap’n Crunch Delights were not very Cap’n Crunch-y!

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Image via Thrillist

Perhaps, you really do get what you pay for because these will come at a low, low price – great news for all you stoned college kids out there looking for a quick easy fix… A pack of 2 will come in at $1.00, 4 for $1.69 (!) and 12 for $4.49. Obviously, any person who is smart and stuff and can do reasonably OK 1st grade level math will know that the smartest option would go the 12-pack way, but I can understand if you’re not about clogging your arteries…

On the plus (or not so plus) side, these look pretty small so maybe an alcohol-fueled binge of these won’t leave you with a sugar hangover the next morning… maybe?

Whether you like your sugar high early in the day or late at night, these will be available at all-hours upon release. All hail donuts for dinner.

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Are you excited for the Taco Bell Cap’n Crunch Delights?