We all know that it’s absolutely imperative to make your pies the night before Thanksgiving. Seriously. Listen to us. Make your desserts tonight! Tomorrow will probably end up being too hectic and overwhelming (and drunken) to think straight enough to not only make the turkey, the sides, the apps but also the desserts.

Anyways, if you’re not fully prepared to bake into the wee hours of the night and totally at a loss for what you’re in the mood for after you have eaten your body weight in butter, bread and turkey, the playlist above will give you a whole host of ideas.

From traditional pumpkin pie to plum tarts to gooey caramel pecan pie, there are so many ideas, you will probably want to make every single one.

That being said, even if you already have a pie in mind, there’s a video showing you how to make it even better. If you’ve always wanted to make a flakier crust, this resource will be a true game-changer.

So, take a look above and find something you need for Thanksgiving dessert, but make sure you do it on a not-empty stomach or else you will be left salivating – and that’s for real.

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What Thanksgiving desserts are you going to be making?