If you’re a Thanksgiving chef amateur, you are probably at a loss for what you should be making – let alone what ingredients you should even be using for Thanksgiving.

These are all big decisions with potentially fatal consequences, because as we all know ThanksgivingĀ may, in fact, be about hanging out with family and friends but it’s most definitely (and more importantly) about the delicious food that you can eat without being judged.

While you probably have been letting your mom or significant other do all the work in the past, not this time! It may seem incredibly complicated but we promise it’s as easy as – say it with me, now – pie and tastes as good, too.

If you’re looking to make a meal to remember, but need it simplified (drastically), look no further than these Buzzfeed infographics making Thanksgiving prep super, duper easy. From what to look for in the grocery store to dinner etiquette and how to fold a napkin (the adult way), they’ve got all your bases covered.

Below are a few of the more crucial ones and why you should take them into consideration, but feel free to head over to Buzzfeed for the full round-up.

1. Because you have to make enough, or people will riot.

thanksgiving dinner cooking tips 1

2. For those emergencies where you’re like, “OMG, dinner is tonight and this bird is frozen solid!”thanksgiving dinner cooking tips 2

3. Frozen or not, you’re gonna have to give that bird some flavor.

thanksgiving dinner cooking tips 3

4. If you eat stuffing from a box, are you really doing Thanksgiving right?

thanksgiving dinner cooking tips 5

5. Nothing tastes good without mash and that’s final.thanksgiving dinner cooking tips 4

6. Finally, no one like overdone or underdone turkey, so, there’s that.thanksgiving dinner cooking tips 6

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What Thanksgiving dinner tips do you need help with?