When it comes to how McDonald’s burgers stack up (literally, pun intended) in comparison to how they look in pictures or advertisements for the company, there is much left to be desired.

I haven’t had a McDonald’s burger in eons, but from what I can remember, their patties are thin, buns are flat, and ingredients are lackluster. It’s like what you would get if you took a normal, even mediocre burger and sucked the life out of it using a suction device and left it deflated and lifeless.

That’s why one brave customer by the name of Moshe Tamssot took it into their own hands to get their money’s worth using the recently unleashed Mickey D’s “Create Your Taste” kiosk.

If you haven’t heard about this new era in McD’s ordering then it’s essentially a gigantic iPad/iPhone-esque screen that allows you to customize and supersize your order in whatever way you like.

Most people probably add a couple of slices of cheese or a few pieces of bacon here and there to bulk up their sad little burger, but that is not the case here – not at all. In what Tamssot/The Evil Genius refers to as “The Big Max”, he was not afraid to go where no man has gone before and push the limits. By selecting the 10x option on almost every ingredient, the biggest burger we (and I’m sure they) have ever seen was created.

Apparently, when stacked, the burger was a foot high and four pounds. Want to know the inner workings of The Big Max? Here’s the ingredient list:

  • 10 slices of American Cheese
  • 10 slices of sharp white cheese
  • 10 slives of pepper jack cheese
  • 10 pieces of bacon
  • 10x pickles
  • 10x red onions
  • 10x guacamole
  • 10x tortilla strips (when did McDonald’s get tortilla strips?!)
  • 10x lettuce
  • 10x tomatoes
  • 10x jalapenos
  • 10x grilled onions
  • 10x grilled mushrooms
  • 10x mac special sauce, 10x mayo, 5x spicy mayo, 10x sweet BBQ sauce, 10x creamy garlic sauce, 10x mustard, 10 x ketchup (on the side)

Honestly, I didn’t know half of these ingredients were even available at the fast food chain, but it looks times really have changed. If you would like to see The Big Max in action, take a look at the video below and get a glimpse at the horror spread on onlookers’ faces.

OK, but that looks kinda good… NO? Ok, we’re going now.

Would you take a stab at eating The Big Max burger?