candy tacos lee manne stiebers 3

When it comes to food there are just so many possibilities. I could say that I could write about food all day, but on second thought, I think that is literally what I do for a living.

I can’t complain. There’s always something new to discover. Growing up I thought the idea of a Choco Taco  was genius and recently I came across candy sushi which was equally as exciting. Now, however, is a great time to be alive, because apparently candy tacos are a real thing.

As a matter of fact, who else but Lee Manne of Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe (also creator of candy sushi) would think up something so incredible in time for Cinco De Mayo.

candy tacos lee manne stiebers 2

On the menu are rice krispie tortilla chips and green frosting guacamole which we are really intrigued by.

The taco itself is also held together by a rice krispie shell and is filled with shredded coconut dyed in different hues to create the lettuce and cheese effect, crumbled Oreos for the meat filling, Mike & Ikes as the tomatoes and marshmallow fluff as sour cream.

There’s a lot going on here so we’re a little concerned with that it might taste like, but we have faith in Manne the candy mastermind, because as if that weren’t enough, Stieber’s NYC spot will also be offering margarita and beer flavored jelly beans and gummy shot glasses.

Apparently, it helps the tequila go down faster, and we certainly are not ones to say “no” to tequila. WHO SAYS NO TO TEQUILA AND CANDY? A monster, that’s who.

candy tacos lee manne stiebers 1

What do you think these candy tacos will taste like?