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If you love food and fun dining experiences then perhaps it’s time for you to walk away from this article because this might just ruin any and all “exotic” (don’t you love when people say that?) dining ventures.

On a recent visit to Benihana in Encino, California for Easter brunch, actress(??)/reality star Tori Spelling ended her experience on an especially bad note. Spelling ended up at the hospital after taking a stumble onto a hibachi grill resulting in fairly severe burns.

When I first heard this news, my only thought was: How exactly does one fall onto a hibachi grill? Well, apparently the reality star tripped when she got up to leave and fell backwards. Catching herself with her right arm, onlookers said Spelling immediately shouted from the pain.

We have to give her props for being such a trooper. According to Eater, she originally attempted to nurse the injuries at home, but if those grills are as smokin’ hot as we think they are (we’ve seen them grill up steak & veggies in record time), there is just no way just a dab of Neosporin will do.

Tori Spelling ended up being taken to a local hospital where doctors determined she would need skin grafts. YES. SKIN. GRAFTS.

If that is not enough to make you rethink your wild night at Benihana this weekend, we don’t know what will. Although, we don’t think we’ll pass up on the occasional night of hibachi…

Who knew such a seemingly harmless night of spicy hibachi chicken could result in extensive medical procedures!? Poor, Tori. We really do hope she’s OK and returns to Benihana one day soon!

Will you be hitting up your favorite hibachi joint anytime soon?