Maybe waffles on their own aren’t boring, per se, but I personally feel like they often lack a little pizzazz. PIZZAZZ! And who doesn’t need a little pizzazz in their lives? I sure do.

If you’ve ever bitten into a plain waffle before… well, you probably haven’t because everyone knows that waffles are perfectly designed as a mode of transportation for syrup and more food. Of course, some more level-headed humans opt for fruit, but we think there’s so much more than the obvious.

Oh yeah, did you know that today is National Waffle Day? So, there’s no time like the present to inform you all on the marvelous possibilities of the waffle. No fancy batter required. Heck, use an Eggo waffle for all I care!

1. Fried Chicken

waffle toppings

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What kind of waffle topping round up would this be without mentioning chicken and waffles? Where or how you get your perfectly fried bird is up to  you, but all you need to do is top a waffle with it, add butter and drizzle with syrup – the perfect combination of savory and sweet.

2. Chili

We bet you hadn’t thought of this one before. While an edible bread bowl really is ideal for chili, topping a waffle with the yummy stuff is just as satisfactory and  a perfect excuse to have it at brunch. Sprinkle with shredded cheese for an extra oomph.

3. Breakfast Meats

Bacon? Sausage? Steak? Essentially the waffle becomes the perfect vehicle for protein. Maple syrup is also appropriate in this situation.

4. Condensed Milk & Strawberries

waffle toppings

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Condensed milk is essentially just thick, creamy, sugary milk. It tastes incredible and I could eat it with strawberries alone. As a matter of fact, growing up I used to do exactly that. The waffle just makes it all the better. This 3-ingredient combo is good on its own so you can nix the syrup.

5. Warmed Up Peanut Butter Sauce & Banana & Chocolate

Of course, you can just spoon out the PB and slather it on, but think about how much prettier it will look if you drizzle it carefully over the banana slices and top with chocolate chips? Perfecto. Plus, we all know how peanut butter and chocolate is the best thing to happen on Earth.

6. Spinach & Fried Egg & Avocado

We heard getting our protein in – in the mornings especially – is really important, so why not place it on a waffle? Pair eggs with sautéed spinach and perfectly sliced avocado for what I consider to be a very well-balanced meal.

7. Cinnamon & Pecans

waffle toppings

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Pecans are basically the most decadent nuts out there, so why wouldn’t you top your waffle with chopped up pieces of it? They’re buttery and crunchy and also good for you! Drizzle with maple syrup, sprinkle on some cinnamon and top with banana, fig, berries or apples. No pecans? Try walnuts instead for some more satisfactory crunch.

8. Melted Cheese

Top with however many cheeses you want and call it a melt. Cover with another waffle and it’s basically grilled cheese.

9. Nutella & Confectioner’s Sugar

waffle toppings 2

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I mean, you can add fruit if you wish, but we think this makes a pretty stellar combo on its own. I would just smear it on with reckless abandon if I were you.

10. Scallion Cream Cheese & Lox

If you can put it on a bagel, why wouldn’t you be able to enjoy it on a waffle. Amirite?

11. Tahini & Apples & Maple Syrup & Dates & Seeds

This is a combo I like to reserve for flax breads, but the combination of thinly sliced apples, chopped up Medjool dates, sprinkled on hemp and/or chia seeds and drizzled on tahini and maple syrup tastes just like Fall. Perfect timing, too right?

12. Ice Cream

waffle toppings

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It’s true that ice cream is always the answer. Top with whipped cream if you’re feeling extra gluttonous – which is always for me.

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What are your favorite waffle toppings?