For many Americans, cheese addiction is very, very real.

Well, actually I am not all too sure if there is such a thing as cheese addiction, but some people’s reactions to the substance are enough to make you think they couldn’t live a day without it. Sharing with one of these “Chee-tos” that you don’t eat cheese, don’t like cheese or (*GASP*) have never had cheese is like sharing that you have 12 fingers and toes (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Interestingly, cheese (and most other dairy products actually) are historically uncommon in China. While your eyes may widen upon hearing this, rest assured their diets are largely varied.

But what happens when a Chinese resident eats cheese for the first time? What will they think about our beloved queso?

Apparently, they’ve got a whole lot to say. However, I have a few notes to make for the conductor of this experiment.

First: Why would the first piece of cheese you feed someone whose never really had cheese before be stick of string cheese? Why? WHY?!

Everyone who knows anything about anything/cheese/food/life knows that string cheese is not really cheese. It’s basically just a stick of plastic-y food that slightly resembles mozzarella if mozzarella was like…. diluted with rubber.

Second: Not only is the form this cheese comes in questionable, but the lack of variety is too. There are so many different types of cheese in the world. From mozzarella to sharp cheddar or stinky bleu. Is this really an accurate representation? Psh.

Anyways, while these two particular points are questionable, it might have been best they were fed string cheese considering their reactions. Being overwhelmingly “dairy-esque” and bold were among the comments. However, neither can deny that the stringy cheese is fun to peel!

Ok, that’s one thing we can agree on.

Take a look below for a bit of a chuckle.