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As a huge proponent of ” you get what you pay for,” it was utterly shocking and disappointing to see that Whole Foods apparently is not giving me what I’m paying for. As a matter of fact, it’s not giving many – if not most or all – what they’re paying for.

While many would waltz into this seemingly luxe, do-no-wrong supermarket thinking that they were getting only the best quality ingredients (and that’s why they were being charged so much), according to Thrillist, Whole Foods is officially under investigation by the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) for ripping off its customers in New York City stores. OOF.

The DCA stated that offenses included:

“…systematic overcharging [of] its pre-packaged products… packages that had been labeled with exactly the same weight when it would be practically impossible for all of the packages to weigh the same amount.”

Yikes. Among the foods described as “top offenders” we have Whole Foods’ nuts, berries, vegetables and seafood (so basically everything).

Apparently, the DCA tested about 80 different packages and a shocking majority (think 90%) failed to meet federal standards in labeling. Commissioner Julie Menon Told Thrillist that it is actually one of the worst cases she has seen in her career.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the grocery giant has been in this situation. They have already paid upwards of $58,000 in fines in New York and around $800,000 in California. This time around, they’ll probably be charged similarly.

What’s a little upsetting is what happens to people who have been ripped off? Like, do we get our money back? Where do these fines end up going towards? I’m a little pissed now. I’ll need a moment to get over this.

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Are you a regular Whole Foods shopper? Will you continue to shop there?